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Impact Massage Gun – 04454

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TriggerPoint’s 4-speed, controllable percussion massage gun that helps increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue, and improve the body’s performance both pre- and post-workout.


  • Percussion massage gun to help increase blood flow, hydrate muscle tissue and improve range of motion pre and post-workout
  • Quiet brushless motor designed with 4-speeds for optimal massage intensity and pressure
  • Angled handle to balance weight for better grip, comfort and control
  • Rechargeable battery for 2+ hours of continuous massage
  • 4-speeds (based on our user guide) include: +/- 300 rpm
    ○ Speed 1: 2100 rpm

    ○ Speed 2: 2400 rpm
    ○ Speed 3: 2900 rpm
    ○ Speed 4: 3300 rpm


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